There’s no place like home. Home sweet home. It’s where the heart is. Home is for the moments that matter.

You probably already knew that there’s a lot of conflicting evidence out there as to what constitutes home – and where exactly you can find it (not everyone can just click their heels and return back to Kansas). But that’s kind of the beauty of it – the differences in people that make up their unique idea of a happy place. Or a safe place. Or someplace warm.

It’s this fluid notion of home that Kettlebeck explores in depth before we even conceptualize a brick-and-mortar building. Because the place you live in is so much more than the walls and furniture that reside in it. It’s the families, whether they’re newlyweds, a single mom, or roommates who happen to make dinner and watch Netflix together, that make a place their own. We’re just the ones who give them the key to it.

To paint a better picture of what makes a home, we turned to Kettlebeck homeowners to see how our developments house their personal lives – like the school-age kids who have made our neighbourhoods their playground. These narratives helped to inspire a film we created with Channel 13 Advertising & Design based on the shifting and intangible idea of home, and the diverse families who live in them.

Director Ryan Bergmann beautifully shot a series of vignettes that capture the heartbreak, memories and laughter that happen in a person’s private domain – sometimes all at once. Because home is the place you retreat to with a glass of wine after a long day, but it’s also where you celebrate milestones with your closest friends and shut out the world in moments of quiet grief.

We understand that home is all of these things, so there’s no singular idea of it highlighted in our marketing or home-buying philosophies. Just as no two families are alike, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to building homes. We lay the foundation, so to speak, and then you make it your own. Take a look at our film; you’ll see what we mean about finding the place where you belong. And that’s the point we want to drive home.